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Our Partners

These are but a few of the businesses Aid2Investments represents, a project of the Eritaj Foundation, a 501(C)3 charitable foundation committed to crafting a better legacy for Haiti. Aid2Investments retains the social responsibility and integrity essential for 21st century businesses to thrive. A2I leads the way with vision, commitment and integrity. For a renewed Haiti!

Become a Partner

Download our Memorandum of Understanding for partners if you meet the following criteria: 

Partner / contributor agrees to use integrity and honor in dealing with the relationship and,
2. Partner / contributor agrees to spearhead -Aid2Investments by enabling its functioning with a disbursement for a minimum of ten actions and,
3. Partner / contributor agrees to sponsor thereby, offering guidance and positive critic to encourage and support its success and,
4. Partner / contributor agrees to be an enabler, invite friends and family members to join in action and prayers, helping to overcome and not causing stress for the project and,
5. Partner / contributoragrees to let initial contributions go to work for a period of 6 months to a year, before
expecting to see returns and to demand reimbursement and,
6. In case of a need to breech agreement #5, partner / contributor agrees to lose a small percentage (10%) of fund, if obliged for any reason/s to withdraw contributions within the first 12 months. (i.e. A minimum
investment of 10 actions for $150, a contributor can collect $135 and forgoes,  and,
7. Partner / contributor agrees to pay a process fee of $9.99 for transactions done directly at bank and to follow up with a call confirming transactions; or a process fee of $14.99 for transactions made through Eritaj’s Visa and
Mastercard account system and,
8. Partner / contributoragrees to the established three-year time framefor full reimbursement. By Dec 1, 2015 all
partners / contributors would have collected their initial contributions, with the discretion to reinvest as they choose to.

Our Churches, Our Strength 

All the business partnerships are anchored through local churches.

Imagine in five years Haiti would finally renew its commitment toward self-sufficiency with the production of all the foods and food by-products  it needs to feed its people and generate enough surplus for export in the Caribbean.


Imagine the current charcoal industry as it exists today has been totally replaced by an alternative clean burning fuel for energy.

Well, this is the vision that friends of Haiti commonly share. It is also the same vision that A2I is pursuing.

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